Making a difference in the lives of others can sustain our spirit and help us feel connected to our communities, especially in a time where we feel extremely divided as a nation. It’s also a powerful way to share that positivity with our spouses and children.

Here are some things you can do to make volunteering easy and how you can involve your whole family.

1. Incorporate your passions

What are you interested in? Do you want to help the environment? The elderly? The homeless? Before you sign up to volunteer somewhere, make sure that you’re going to be committed to the cause. If it’s something that you’re passionate about, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

2. Make sure it's right for your kids

If you want your children to participate, you need to decide if the setting is appropriate for children. More than likely, it will be, but you should be prepared going in for your children to ask specific, detailed questions that might challenge you on an answer.

3. Do some research

Before you commit to a volunteer schedule, make sure that you research the organization, understand their goals, and what they’re asking you to do. Try to speak with other people who have volunteered there and find out if there’s a chance for you to truly make a difference.

4. Check the local church

If you belong to a church, there are probably more volunteer opportunities than you could imagine. Speak to your pastor or an employee at the church about where you can find a list of those opportunities and find one that fits your schedule.

5. Ask people you know

Sometimes making a difference in someone’s life doesn’t have to be done through an organization. Maybe you know someone in your life — an elderly neighbor or a friend who has fallen on hard times — who could use a weekly ride to the grocery store or someone to watch their children while they look for work. 

6. Prioritize that time

Once you sign up to volunteer, make sure that you keep that date. It’s important for you and your children to honor the commitment that you made and it’s also important for the organization to know that they can rely on you.