American Idol – Family Friendly or Adult TV?

Posted May 22, 2008 by Lori Kerrigan

American Idol is a favorite in households across the world, but is it really appropriate for young minds?

Making The Decision To Adopt

Posted May 21, 2008 by Lori Kerrigan

Joey and me.jpg
Are you thinking about adopting? The process to making this decision can be full of emotional, spiritual and financial elements. Here is a "check list" for making this decision and resources to help.

Why Dads Can't Be Babysitters

Posted May 21, 2008 by Jason White

I know over the years, before I had kids myself, I used to joke with older guys, or married friends that they had to "baby-sit" this weekend if I knew their wives were away. I'm not sure when this became the accepted phrase, but I would sure like to see men stop using it.

Poo Poo in the Potty!

Posted May 20, 2008 by Sonja Stewart

Poo poo in the potty is almost too good to be true. What to do while still basking in the glory of accomplishment.

Kids and Cell Phones: Paying for Peace of Mind

Posted May 19, 2008 by Jason White

cell phone kid.jpg
A few of my daughter's friends have a cell phone, and after talking with other parents I can understand how it may be comforting to know your child could reach you if separated. I began to think of scenarios when it could be helpful for my kids to have a cell phone.

Explaining Gay and Lesbian identitites to the Kids, Part 1

Posted May 18, 2008 by Maggie Wells

motel pilllows.jpg
With Friday’s State Supreme Court ruling in California the possibility of my mothers being able to marry legally in our state has come up once again. Yay! We are all very excited and hope that wedding bells will ring for our lesbian mothers after twenty years (longer than most of the hetero marriages we know have lasted. So, the only question that remains is what do we tell the children and when? And does it even matter?

On Education Part 1 - Our Experience with Montessori Schools

Posted May 17, 2008 by Fred Lee

Study Environment.jpg
Montessori schools offer an excellent program for pointing your kids towards academic excellence, though their approach might not conform to every parent's idea of what it means to be a carefree child.

Summer Fun Safety Tips

Posted May 17, 2008 by Jason White

summer fun.jpg
In the coming weeks school-aged children around the country will be celebrating their new-found freedom. While the long, lazy days of summer offer a great time to enjoy the outdoors, they also present more oppportunities for kids to get injured. Keep the following safety tips in mind when planning your summer activities.

Mom - To - Be ...... Got Skills?

Posted May 17, 2008 by Corina Fiore

Sure, you have prepared and read about L&D. You have prepared the nursery. You have researched and purchased gear. But have you physically trained for motherhood? Here are a few exercises to get you started. Train to be a "Supermom"

Kids Bowl Free! A Summer Activity for the Entire Family!

Posted May 16, 2008 by Lori Kerrigan

Are you at a loss for what to do this summer? Thanks to generous and creative people, bowling can be free for the kids, and cheap for the adults. Grab the family, and leave the financial worries at home, it’s time to go bowling!