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Urban progressive mother + Conservative rural setting = Some really interesting parenting.

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Location: Rural Northern California

Long bio: Is back with Parenting Squad and happy to be here. She’s a contributing editor for Hip Mama Magazine, a managing editor for and a reporter for the Indian Valley Record. She’s the author of Sad Girls & Other Stories (a short story collection written under her name Margaret Elysia Garcia) on Solstice Literary Press . She lives in exile from her urban past life in a remote corner of the Sierra Mountains with husband, two tweens, and two cats. She blogs at and at . -- a Latina parenting blog. When not writing or mothering or figuring out how to live as an urban person in a rural national forest area, she's a DJ at KQNY where she hosts Milkshake & Honey –an alternative women’s music show on Wednesdays 2-4 pm PST.