I was really surprised at some of the reactions I got from people when I told them my husband and I were waiting to find out the sex of my daughter.  People thought we were crazy, old fashioned, and (gulp) selfish.  It was the first opportunity we had to take a stand as parents and defend our position.  It wasn’t as dramatic as all that, looking back, but there was definite outside pressure to find out the sex.  Now that we’re having another one, we’ve decided to do it again.  If you’re pregnant and crazy like we are, here are some tricks to help you “plan” for the ambiguous package on his/her way.

1.  Decorate the nursery in animals.  Go for a Noah’s Arc theme, or a zoo/ jungle theme, or Winnie the Pooh.  All kids love animals and yellow gets so old so fast.  You don’t want your kids to look like spit up before they leave the house, do you?

2.  Go ahead and buy the blue or pink outfit.  Seriously, if you love it, get it.  The two ridiculously “boyish” outfits I got for my girl, ended up at one of my dear friend’s baby shower.  The clothes will get worn by someone at some point, even if it isn’t by your own child.  And really, what little girl doesn’t look stunning in blue?

3.  Tell your friends and family not to take it personally.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard someone tell me how selfish I was being by waiting to find out the gender.  Sometimes these were total strangers, who’d roll their eyes at me.  “I wonder how your mother feels about this.”  Then I’d tell them my mother was the one who fully supported it and reminded them that I was pregnant and expected to be snotty, what was their excuse.  You can be as quip as you need to be in this instance.

4.  Be someone’s hero.  Another weird response I’d get from women was, “Oh, I wish I had the guts to do that.  My mother-in-law, (or whoever), would never let me get away with that.”  I feel for these women.

5.  Have fun with it.  I love the pools that get started over the gender.  Throw twenty in for me for a girl…and twenty for a boy.  I hedge my bets.

6.  Remember it’s totally worth it.  There is nothing that can compare to that adrenaline filled moment when my husband handed me our daughter and announced her as “Our, girl!”  It was like whipped cream on a hot cocoa, complete bliss.

I admit I wouldn’t wait if it weren’t for my husband’s strength.  I would want to find out because I’m an impatient child when it comes to some things.  My friend will find out the gender because she’ll want to know how to decorate the nursery and prepare the layette, which are perfectly understandable reasons to find out the sex.  I, on the other hand, don’t plan much to begin with, so determining the sex would just be like opening a Christmas present on Thanksgiving, it would be purely selfish…and lame.